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At the end of 2004 DG TREN launched a project to provide information and develop guidance on the implementation of Article 12 of the Medical Exposure Directive in Member States with regard to medical imaging. This “DOSE DATAMED” study (in the following referred as DOSE DATAMED1 or DDM1) covered ten European countries with national experiences in conducting surveys of dose distributions from medical radiodiagnostic procedures. The guidance developed under the DOSE DATAMED1 project, together with best available survey data from these ten counties around the year 2002, is published by the European Commission as Radiation Protection 154. European Guidance on Estimating Population Dose from Medical X-ray Procedures1 (RP154).

This is the homepage of the Dose DataMed II project, the follow up project lauched in 2011.

The project team:


2013.01.25 Dose Datamed 2 DRAFT reports available

The results of the Dose Datamed 2 project has been published as a draft report with a supplement of European DRLs. The report will be finalized after evaluation by EC during spring 2013. Since the report is still the draft report of the DDM2 the results are for inner use of the project and they should not yet be used of referred for any other purposes.

2012.05.14 The Dose Datamed II team presents first results at IRPA Glasgow

The Dose Datamed II team presents first results at IRPA Glasgow. the team present a scientific poster with the title ”European Population Doses from Radiodiagnostic Procedures - Results of Dose Datamed 2”.

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