About DDM2

The objectives of the Dose Datamed 2 project (DDM2) is to collect available data on the patient doses from the radiodiagnostic procedures (X-ray and nuclear medicine) in the European Union and to facilitate the further implementation of Radiation Protection 154. European Guidance on Estimating Population Doses from Medical X-ray Procedure, published by the European Commission in 2008.

To achieve the above objectives, the study aims at:

  • providing advice and collecting feedback from the application of the guidance RP 154;
  • providing estimates of population doses in EU Member States and the population dose in European Union as a whole;
  • providing a database for population dose information which will enable continuous collection and follow-up of European population doses.

Additional resources:

  • Bly R, Jahnen A, Järvinen H, Olerud H, Vassileva J and Vogiatzi S: European population dose from radiodiagnostic procedures – early results of Dose Datamed 2, NSFS Conference, Reykjavík, August 22-25, 2011 [ pdf ]

Project Organisation

Organisation of Dose Data Med II

Scientific Committee

The project team is supported by a Panel of Scientific Experts and two international observers:

Nr Name Country and Instiute
1 Abbas Aroua Switzerland, IRA Chair
2 Virginia Tsapaki Greece, EFOMP
3 Renato Padovani Italy, EFOMP
4 Anders Frank Sweden, SSM
5 Bernard Aubert France, IRSN
6 Paul Shrimpton UK, Health Protection Agency
7 Elke Nekolla Germany, BfS
8 Paul Stoop Netherlands, RIVM
9 Donald Mc Lean IAEA
Nr Name Organisation
Observer Malcom Crick Austria, UNSCEAR
Observer Ferid Shannoun Austria, UNSCEAR
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