2011.10.27: Finalisation of data collection

We are now in the period in the project where countries that have performed recent national surveys for the whole field of radiology should have submitted data of frequencies and doses by means of the downloadable Excel sheets provided on the website. Thank you for all information so far! We still, however, are expecting complete national data from more countries, and appeal all to go through the questionnaires.

Based on the information we have received, some (minor) corrections have been detected in the Excel sheets. A new improved version is therefore available.

All countries that have submitted data using the first template will be contacted by the consortium in order to complete and correct possible errors. We will do this by mail or phone within the next two months.

Those of you who have not started yet, please use the new template provided. You are all advised to use the website for questions and advise.

Best regards in behalf of the Dose Datamed II team,

Hilde Olerud and Jenia Vassileva

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