Training Activities

The Dose DataMed Project will provide different training activities. This will include technical trainings and coaching to foster the culture of dose studies. Furthermore a European workshop will be organised to disseminate the project result and provide a meeting place to discuss and evaluate.

Training Course, Sofia, Bulgaria

On of the objectives of DoseDataMed II project is to foster the methodology developed within the RP 154 Guidelines in the different member states. One action to archive this will be a training course with a focus on the proper implementation of the RP 154 Guidelines. This training course will be held by European experts in the field and will take place the 19th-20th May 2011 in Sofia.


Workshop on European Population Doses from Medical Exposure, Athens, Greece

This workshop aims at informing on the results of the DDM2 project and achieving wide feedback on the European Guidance and follow-up schemes, before their submission to the European Commission. Furthermore, through the information dissemination regarding the DDM2 project all countries will hopefully be encouraged to establish and maintain continuous population dose estimation in accordance with EC directive requirements. The workshop - that will be held the 24-26 April 2012, Athens, Greece, - will be a great opportunity to discuss and exchange information on population doses from medical procedures.


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